Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

This page is telling terms & conditions of selling FOXY products. These terms and conditions could be changed at any time, so you must check before making new purchase. We promise to adhere to the international standards of e-commerce.


When you make a purchase in FOXY website, you are signing a contract with us to buy products with the prices mentioned in each product page on the date and time of your purchase. All what you need after confirming the purchase is completing your payment details, after that you will receive an email to confirm order details you entered.

Customer service team will follow up with you via SMS, WhatsApp messages and calls to help you getting your order very soon and with maximal convenience. 


We have the full right to stop or continue any promotional offer at any time without prior announcement.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

  • We promise you to be highly adherent to the international standards & regulations of privacy policy worldwide.
  • You will be asked to give us some personal information about you such as name, email, mobile number, shipping address and GPS location.
  • You also might need to provide us with some financial information, for example your credit card details, this information is used securely for invoices and completing your desired purchase process.
  • None of FOXY customer service team will ask you to share any of your financial information.
  • you can see the lock icon in the FOXY URL which means that your information in FOXY website is totally secured.
  • Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time for offering you more & more privacy and security.

Shipping instructions

Shipping instructions

  • Shipping fee is just 50 EGP to any Egyptian governorate, unless you get an offer of free delivery. Please note that the fee may change by time.
  • If total of your purchase is 1000 EGP or more, you have the right to get free delivery.
  • Shipping takes about 3-7 working days.
  • You have the right to get your order in the exact location you entered in the order details and in the time which is convenient to you after coordination with shipping department, so you have to keep your eye on your phone to coordinate easily with shipping representative.
  • You can select cash on delivery as a preferable payment option for you, but note that with this payment option you will not allowed at all to open order except after payment.
  • Donot hesitate to call us anytime if you have faced any problem while coordination for receiving your order.

Cash Back Policy

Cash Back Policy


  • In FOXY LAB, we believe that achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our highest goal. Yes, we know how much this goal is a very hard one, but for us, it is easily achievable. And because of our unlimited confidence in the high quality of our high-end products and their guaranteed and impressive results, FOXY providing you -and for the first time in the Arab world- a cash back policy on the (FOXY Hair Removal full set) in case that the client is not satisfied with the results. This procedure is to build a very strong chain of trust and honesty between us and each of our clients around the world.
  • Now you have the full comfort unlimited convenience while purchasing from FOXY without any fears regarding the results and quality of products, all you have to do is just buying, using and enjoying the best results, and in case of dissatisfaction, you can simply receive your money back immediately.
  • Cash back policy can be easily activated by making a simple set of instructions, that are designed to ensure that you are using our products in the correct manner and to ensure that you are receiving the maximum support from our free after-sale customer service that are established to help you getting the best results very fast.



Cash back policy can be easily activated by following these instructions:

  • Make a purchase of FOXY Hair Removal Full Set from with choosing online payment method to pay for your purchase.
  • Sign up in on the same day of receiving your order.
  • Enjoy trying products of FOXY Hair Removal Full Set for the next 10 days following the day of signing up in
  • If you have any dissatisfaction with results, you just need to send an email in the tenth day after receiving your order and mention the cause behind your dissatisfaction.
  • Your case will be revised within maximum of 30 working days after receiving your email, after which you will be able to return your order and receive your money back.
  • Only shipping fees will be deducted and the remaining amount will be fully refunded.
  • Note that cash back policy is disabled in the following conditions: if you didn’t follow the exact steps needed to activate your cash back policy, if you choose cash on delivery payment method, if you enjoyed any of promotional offers or gifts.

FOXY is very thankful for your trust in its products, and promises you to does its best to prove that it is up to this trust, and we are always happy to serve you.