FOXY Hair Removal Full Set is the complete package of FOXY products used for hair removal away from the traditional hair removal methods that are silly and commonly complicated by many side effects. By using FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ you can enjoy an exceptional hair removal experience that is safe, easy, fast, pain free & 100% side effect free.


The FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ includes the world’s latest at home hair removal tools in addition to the best after hair removal gel oil.

These products are:

  • FOXY Hair Eraser™
  • FOXY Avatar™ (hair removal lotion)
  • FOXY Acanda™ (after hair removal gel oil)

These FOXY three products are characterized by being easily used at home with maximum convenience and cause no pain or any other side effects.

Yes, all products included in the FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ can be safely used for both females and males.

By purchasing FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ you become a VIP CUSTOMER at FOXY, and this means more advantages and preferences, including but not limited to:

  • Enjoying an exceptional experience while using the world’s latest at home hair removal products. The three products included in FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ are complementary to each other, this means that each product enhances well the results of the other two products, and so you will get better result in faster time.
  • Saving more than 600 EGP by purchasing the full set instead of each product separately.
  • You have the chance to be one of the monthly 10 winners selected from monthly draw for the FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ customers. Simply send us your LUCKY CODE found in the package delivered to you, and be ready to become one of the 10 lucky winners who refund all their purchases from FOXY.
  • Enjoying cash back policy, which is applied for the first time in the Arab world from the FOXY as an exclusive privilege for all FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ buyers.

In FOXY LAB, we believe that achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our highest goal. Yes, we know how much this goal is a very hard one, but for us, it is easily achievable. And because of our unlimited confidence in the high quality of our high-end products and their guaranteed and impressive results, FOXY providing you -and for the first time in the Arab world- a cash back policy on the FOXY Hair Removal Full Set™ in case that the client is not satisfied with the results. This procedure is to build a very strong chain of trust and honesty between us and each of our clients around the world.

Now you have the full comfort unlimited convenience while purchasing from FOXY without any fears regarding the results and quality of products, all you have to do is just buying, using and enjoying the best results, and in case of dissatisfaction, you can simply receive your money back immediately.

Cash back policy can be easily activated by making a simple set of instructions, that are designed to ensure that you are using our products in the correct manner and to ensure that you are receiving the maximum support from our free after-sale customer service that are established to help you getting the best results very fast.

You can know more information about cash back policy here.

You can check the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the three products included in Hair Removal Full Set™ by visiting the following pages.

These pages can give you very useful information about each product, its components, how to use it, as well as information about after-sales services, and many other information regarding shipping to all countries around the world.

To find out all details about:

FOXY Hair Eraser™: click here

FOXY Avatar™click here

FOXY Acanda™click here

Yes, FOXY can deliver to all countries worldwide. Delivery usually takes 15 working days for international shipping, and 1-7 working days inside Egypt.

  • products will be delivered door to door.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Products will be sent confidentially to keep your privacy.

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